Could You Just Answer My Question!

Picture this:  you are seated in a café and in close proximity to a professional and what appears to be a client engaged in conversation.  The conversation has lent itself to talking about investments and the questions the client is repeatedly asking.  The client is trying hard to understand what their advisor is saying, but you can sense their frustration.  You also observe that the investment advisor is either not hearing the question, not understanding the question, or is avoiding the question all together.  The meeting continues and ends on a friendly handshake with the client signing off on what they spoke about.   If this were you, what would you do?

As an individual investor, 401(k) participant, or remainderman, you should never be left to feel like the client in the above scenario.  If you ask a question and the question is avoided, would you stand for that and continue to do business there?  Probably not, or your gut instinct is telling you not to, but the fear of not understanding or feeling stupid  stops you from looking elsewhere.    Communication and transparency is key to creating a quality, lasting relationship with your financial advisor.  Self-advocating can be difficult at all ages, but I encourage you to ask questions, request clarification and demand the best from your financial advisor.   If they won’t answer your questions, they don’t deserve you and your business.  It’s your money, after all!

Diane E. Guimond

Wealth Advisor!