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Global Market Update - Douglas Tengdin - Charter Trust Company

The Global Market Update

Douglas Tengdin, CFA is Chief Investment Officer at Charter Trust Company and author of the popular investment blog The Global Market Update. Tackling all things financial, economic, and investment-oriented. The Global Market Update has been in production since 2007. Through bubble-mania, market panics, irrational gloom, and new, new things, Doug tries to keep his head and his sense of humor.

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The Market Strategy Report

Mark Ungewitter is a veteran money manager, known widely for his original research and analysis.  Mark scours the globe for evidenced-based solutions, assessing world markets from a multi-disciplined perspective.  He is an accomplished market technician, specializing in visual presentation of complex matters.  Read on for a unique guide to everything financial.

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Louise Yamada: Trump Rally Reminiscent of 1994-1995 Breakout in Stocks

By | February 17th, 2017|Categories: Market Strategy Report|

Below is an excerpt from a recent interview with market strategist, Louise Yamada.   “The thing that was really intriguing about the post-Trump breakout in [...]