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Top/Bottom 25 Analysis

Top 25 Performing Stocks Year-To-Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Significant Changes Since Last Week:

Membership in the Top 25 is more desirous than the Bottom 25 and we have two new members this week. Chemours (CC) the spin-out from duPont earlier this year has moved up nicely posting a gain of 128.5%. This is a pleasant surprise because investors were not sure about how the company would survive as an independent enterprise. The other new arrival was NVIDIA (NVDA) with a gain of 91.1% so far this year. While U.S. Steel retained the top spot the return year-to-date has slipped a bit down to 179.5% from a whopping 223.0%. The stock has moved from a buy back in May as it dropped well below fair value into overvalued range in late July peaking at $27.41/share and earning a Sell signal by mid-August as a correction started. This is the concern when stocks move so fast in a volatile environment. It is exciting to see such rapid moves but it can be disconcerting at how rapidly a single stock can move. This is an unusual event but does occur from time-to-time. Central Garden & Pet (CENT) and WPX Energy (WPX) both moved quite a few spots with CENT taking #16 from 324 and WPX going from #23 to #19. Otherwise, members were well behaved.

Bottom 25 Performing Stocks Year-To-Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Significant Changes Since Last Week:

While the Top 25 was rather calm there was a host of activity in the Bottom 25. There are four new members: Universal Technical (UTI) at #14, Impax Labs (IPXL) at #16, Hanger, Inc. (HNGR) at #22 and First Solar (FSLR) at #24. The worst performing stock Republic Airways (RJETQ) performance remained within one percentage point at (92.37%) after posting a (92.75%) last week. This is much calmer than the Top 25 #1 slot that moved over 44 percentage points. Most of the movement for existing stocks listed in this area was to the worse side with First NBC Bank moving from #7 to #4 giving up (67.3%) so far this year and Virtusa (VRTU) moving from #25 to #15 with a year-to-date loss of (46.7%). Where there was very little change in the composition of the Top 25 members there was a great deal of change in this group. There were fewer Largecap stocks on the list this week as well as an increase in Health Care stocks overall. Software and Services saw a decrease of two stocks.

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