Devin Cowette is an Investment Officer, who frequently writes for the Understanding Investments Journal as well as Seeking Alpha.  Devin analyzes companies through both a qualitative and quantitative lens providing new insights for the long-term investor.  Read on for new perspectives.

What’s an Investor to do when Fed Critics have no clue?

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This article was also published on Seeking Alpha By now, if you haven’t been investing under a rock, you have heard the constant back and forth of Federal Reserve Officials arguing why raising interest rates is the appropriate action to [...]

Narendra Modi: India’s Economic Saviour?

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By Devin Cowette Could India become the new China? This past spring all eyes were on India as newly elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi stepped into office as the 15th Prime Minister. Before his victory, Narendra Modi served as the [...]

The Retirement Planning Learning Curve

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I entered the workforce right after college and there was the initial learning curve that I had to overcome. Everyone goes through this at some point in their life. The first week of a new job is always the hardest. [...]