Investing in gold? Here’s what you need to know

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You can almost categorize investors into two types when talking about gold. The first group is known as the “bugs”, people who have hundreds of reasons for investing in gold and will praise the precious yellow metal no matter how [...]

Windows 8.1 preview

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On today's show we'll be talking about the new version of Windows 8 that will be release later this year.  If you want to download a preview (beta test) version of the software to kick the tires, you can download [...]

Federal Benefits… No More Paper Checks

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If you or someone you know receives their Social security or other federal benefits by Paper Check.  You have until March 1st to switch to electronic payments. This change affects anyone who receives a check in the mail for Social [...]

Amazon Revenue Jumps 34%

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Amazon shares surged after their earnings call last night. The 1st quarter's total sales amounted to $13.2 billion compared to last year's $9.9 billion. In 2009 Amazon's total sales were only $4.9 billion for the 1st quarter. The 1st quarter [...]

Alcoa’s 4Qtr Earnings

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Alcoa is always the first company to kick off the earnings season and they just posted a negative earnings  of -.03 cents per share for the 4th quarter of 2011, in line with analysts expectations.    Their revenue increased 6% over the same period a [...]