8 centuries of bond market reversals

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Interesting article from Harvard’s Paul Schmelzing: https://bankunderground.co.uk/2017/01/04/venetians-volcker-and-value-at-risk-8-centuries-of-bond-market-reversals/ My $.02?  Transitions from bull to bear markets have occurred gradually over long stretches of time.  In the most recent case, bonds traded sideways from 1936-1956.  It’s okay, then, to play cyclical rallies… [...]

When will MSCI admit China A-shares?

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From Larry Jeddeloh of TIS Group: MSCI has been considering adding Chinese equities to their benchmark indexes for a long time, and just got done with another review [April 2016] wherein they decided to keep the A-shares out for now. But, how [...]

Investing in gold? Here’s what you need to know

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You can almost categorize investors into two types when talking about gold. The first group is known as the “bugs”, people who have hundreds of reasons for investing in gold and will praise the precious yellow metal no matter how [...]

The Retirement Planning Learning Curve

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I entered the workforce right after college and there was the initial learning curve that I had to overcome. Everyone goes through this at some point in their life. The first week of a new job is always the hardest. [...]