Let me preface this discussion with this is my personal opinion and I would certainly welcome anyone from Google to correct anything that is incorrect with the comments below.

Recently, I installed several pieces of software on my laptop that improved security and confidentiality. One of the applications is a search engine that keeps my identity anonymous by using the search engine address without passing along my unique address. It is called Ixquick. It works much better than Google, YAHOO, Bing or any other engine available.

The second application is provided by abine.com and it identifies requests for information that originate from all of those cookie requests that were supposed to be blocked when I optioned for Do Not Track and blocking third party cookies. And finally the abine.com application of Google Sharing Enabled that provides Google with encrypted data when requests are made for information that was not supposed to be requested in the first place.

Since I started using these wonderful privacy protectors I have noticed several websites that freeze in the middle of my requests. I have noticed two repeating events when this occurs. The first is the attempt to load an advertisement that I did not request to see. (I have those blocked as well.) I can no longer “skip” the ad because the internet portal freezes. This is possibly occurring because I have the attempt to extract “anonymous” information from my pc blocked so Google is waiting on the other side until data is sent. They will wait a long time. I can see this because I am getting a site activity display of “waiting on Google…”. Believe me it is waiting and won’t move.

Now I find it interesting that I am waiting on a company that I did not use in the search, and I also requested that no information be extracted, and that I not be tracked. So why am I waiting on a company that I did not engage in this process? Maybe the real slogan should be something along the lines of Don’t Get Caught Being Evil.

From an investment viewpoint I am cautious when a company tells me one thing but, reality displays something else. I always wonder what else is going on that I have not yet discovered.