Facebook (FB) has been a stock that has never entered my favor. I have had great difficulty supporting an investment that exceeds all parameters for investment in an advertising agency. It may be the best advertising agency known to mankind but it derives value from selling information about people without the providers fully knowing that they are the product. Facebook faces numerous complications both legally regarding privacy and morally regarding complete disclosure to the individuals providing the information. I also have difficulty investing in an Aspirational stock that exhibits low barriers to entry just as previous organizations with names such as MySpace and YAHOO. I am old enough to remember when people thought MySpace was the dominate player in social media and we can see the current complications that YAHOO is experiencing today.

Regardless of the emotional barriers I have, I now see relative values deteriorating on Facebook that consideration should be given to selling the stock. In the chart below you will see that even with the recent increase in FV the stock has pierced the Overvalued level and started to decline. This is a SELL trigger for my decision protocol and would warrant a close study of the stock for any investor.