Golf is something that as a family we all enjoy; granted sometimes when I am playing; I truly wonder what part of it I DO enjoy!  A few weeks ago, we set out to play golf at a long-time favorite course.  My daughter declined to play, so my husband and two son’s and I ventured out for what was to be a memorable Sunday afternoon.

If there was to be a red flag wagging, it would have been at the first hole.  The boys tee’d off and I must say, they made me proud.  I then stepped up and after a long winter (in my own defense) I  sliced one clear to the right, directly into a torn up area on the fairway.   Unhappy and begging for mercy, I tried again.  It wasn’t perfect, but it got me into the middle of the fairway about 100 yards up.  Next up was my husband.  He tee’d it up and proceeded to visualize where it would land.

The boys and I were ready to move on, knowing full well that armed with a massive club like that in his hand, we would have yards to catch up to my husband.  Leaving him in his thoughts, we walked back to our bags to put our clubs away and select the next club that would bring us the bragging rights we were all competing for.  As a joke, we hid behind the cart trying to throw my husband off in his concentration.  Sure enough we succeeded; the ball drove fast and hard into my son’s shin.  In my husband’s blaze of glory he went down in flames, a story that will only get better as it is retold year after year.

Having had a good laugh, after making sure my son was okay, we finished our round.  All-in-all we did well on some holes and other holes we would rather forget.    You are probably asking what in the world does this have to do with investing?  Don’t let life’s distractions get in the way, there are always going to be those line drives or near misses, financial setbacks, unexpected life changes, that make you want to surrender.  But perseverance and focus on the end result is where you’ll find the reward.  It’s the journey that get’s you there that makes it all the more interesting.

Diane E. Guimond
Wealth Advisor!