Parent gatherings always lead to the topic of the season: sports, education, holidays, vacation. As spring blossoms turn into summer heatwaves, we begin to think about summer employment for our children.

There are a number of companies that will allow your child to apply when they turn 14. When we choose to encourage our children to apply may vary by household but opportunities are out there!

I am of the camp that a small part-time position helps to instill work ethic, time management and most importantly financial responsibility.  I may be a camp of “1” but I don’t think so given the number of young, part time employees encountered on a recent trip to the grocery store.  With any discussion there is always more than one perspective:  Some parents feel strongly that their child should get a job, others would like their children to work but feel that sports and volunteering might be time better spent to help get them into college and others worry all those extracurricular activities plus a summer job will be too much responsibility.

Life takes balance and life takes lessons.  At some point our children will need to learn how to work well and work hard for others and manage the financial reward in doing so.  There is a lot to consider as with every decision we make with our children.  Begin the conversation; see what your child thinks about summer employment.  Don’t be discouraged by the opposition if you feel the time is right,every bird needs a push out of the nest!