Spring always gives me hope that this year will be the year that the lawn is going to be weed free, my flower gardens will be the envy of many, and our vegetable garden will turn a crop of beautiful fresh vegetables well into the fall months.

Regardless of the success or failure of the prior year, I start the season with the same excitement and energy.  There is one thing I can count on; every year somewhere within those gardens the weeds begin to emerge and try to take over what I have worked so hard for.  This year things are going to be different, at least with the lawn.  I’ve walked the yard and reviewed our budget and what we’ve spent in prior years attempting to have the perfect lawn.

In doing so, I patted my husband on the back, told him he had had a good run with the lawn, but it was time for the professionals.

As investors, we can’t help but want to be optimistic.  We want our Estate Plan to roll along weed-free,  but inevitably, those weeds creep in.  In that moment,  knowing what to do is your best defense.  If you’re managing your own funds and you find you’re hesitating in those moments, it may be time to call in the professionals.  If you have one of our professionals handling your investments already, rest easy knowing we are on the job doing what we do best.

Diane Guimond
Wealth Advisor