Stir-Frying Stocks: Characterizing the Chinese Stock Market

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The tepid response of the Shanghai stock market to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) stimulus efforts has some American market commentators wondering out loud if this is China’s “1929”. Articles on the average investor’s unknown exposure (and destruction of US [...]

Even Emperors are Dwarfed by the Environment

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Xuanzong’s Journey to Shu depicts the Tang dynasty Emperor Xuanzong retreating from his capital in Chang’an to Sichuan province during the An Lushan rebellion, ending the golden age of the Tang dynasty’s influence and wealth. The emperor’s train is hard [...]

Attending to Every Thread

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Adding the Yuan as an IMF reserve currency Chinese stocks have been on a tear this year. Government initiatives in the banking and currency sector indicate a strident ambition to create a healthy and sustainable economy. The domestic Chinese stock [...]

Guardians at the Gate

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PROTESTS SPARKED Yeung, Pasa Au. Umbrella Revolution. 2014. Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution, Hong Kong. Flickr. On September 26, just before the start of a major Chinese national holiday, student groups in Hong Kong organized a class boycott and [...]