Toward a Better Understanding of Emerging Markets

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How Did We Come to Be? The conventional account of the current financial industry’s concern with what are referred to as the Emerging Markets begins in the Cold War at the World Bank Group. The World Bank was founded after [...]

Transocean’s Vision: Short or Long Term? Depends on Your Interests.

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As oil prices dropped recently many have predicted the end of drillers such as TransOcean (RIG). The company has certainly experienced its share of disappointments. From the Gulf experience with BP to the CEO being charged with a lack of [...]

Are Lower Oil Prices Good for Everyone?

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January 2015 sure started off with many mood swings. Thank you low oil prices. In December oil prices were still heading down but did not bottom out until January. Lower oil prices have a negative impact on corporate profits mainly [...]

Chart Of The Week: Bonds Versus Oil

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Summary Important bottoms in crude oil have often matched important bottoms in Treasury yields. The bond market seems intrinsically stretched in context of its multi-decade progression. Long-term bonds are especially risky during the late stages of oil-market crashes. While many [...]