Retail Sales – May 2016

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Consumer spending proved to be the biggest surprise of April and is at least a pleasant surprise in May. Retail sales rose a very solid and better-than-expected 0.5 percent with strength evident, though to a less degree than in April, [...]

Retail Sales – August 2015

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Although headline retail sales increased by only 0.2% m/m in August, that gain was dragged down by a price-related 1.8% m/m fall in gasoline station sales. The overall change from this time last year was an increase of 2.2%. The [...]

Retail Sales – April 2015

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Consumer confidence may be strong but it still is not translating to strength for consumer spending. Retail sales were unchanged in April. Excluding autos, sales did rise but only barely at plus 0.1 and below expectations for 0.5 percent, while [...]

Retail Sales – February 2015

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Retail sales dropped in February but gasoline prices are not to blame-rather auto sales. Retail sales in February declined 0.6 percent after decreasing 0.8 percent in January. The market consensus for February was for 0.3 percent gain. As expected from [...]

Retail Sales

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Lower gasoline prices continue to tug down on retail sales. And consumers are not yet putting higher discretionary income into spending on non-gasoline categories of retail sales even as confidence has improved. Retail sales in January fell 0.8 percent after [...]

Retail Sales – October 2014

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Retail sales in October were up despite downward headwinds from lower gasoline prices. Retail sales in October rebounded 0.3 percent after declining 0.3 percent in September.  Analysts forecast a 0.2 percent rise for October. Auto sales made a partial rebound [...]