The Money Basics “Considerations List” is a carefully crafted list of up to 500 publicly traded stocks. The list is updated daily to reflect the change in economic value of the stock. A percentage of fair value is calculated and stocks are color coded green to “Consider Buy”, Yellow “Consider Trim”, Red “Consider Sell” and white as fairly valued “Hold”.

This list is a good starting point for the reader to do his or her research. A primer we strongly recommend reading is an article aptly titled Learning to Fish.  Money Basics Radio Co-Host, Steve Albrecht wrote the article and it helps shed some light on the age old question… Should I invest now?.  The article is linked here: Learning To Fish.

Here’s today’s Consideration list:

Considerations 2013 July

The considerations list, is not a recommendation to buy or sell and should not be construed as investment advice.

The list is for research purposes only.


Here’s a quick overview of how to interpret the data on the considerations list.  Click the image below to view the full size file.