Top 25 Performing Stocks




Significant Changes Since Last Week:

RMR was able to retain top billing on the Top 25 list for another week but several stocks in the field experienced large moves, both up and down. U.S. Silica filled the #10 spot last week and jumped to #6 while WPX Energy jumped ten spots from #14 to #4. Further down the list at #18 Southwestern, another energy stock, jumped to #13. The big gainer was Chemours leaving the #6 spot to fall right in behind RMR and take #2 away from Advanced Micro posting a gain of 147.39% so far this year. Not bad for a company that DuPont wanted to shed.

There was one fairly sizable drop on the list. AK Steel fell from #12 to take #21 almost leaving the group. Several stocks did leave the group. Career Education was at #20 and is now gone, as well as Central Gardens which left the #23 spot open.

New arrivals were Cloud Peak Energy advancing to #22 and Shutterstock, the digital photo library just climb aboard at #25. It didn’t take as much of a gain to be on the list this week. Shutterstock made it with an 83.89% gain where last week it took just slightly more at 85.42%.

The composition of the group changed slightly in capitalization but the real changes were on the sector side. Neither, Consumer Discretionary nor Consumer Staples have a presence on the list. The closest Consumer Discretionary stock is Dick’s Sporting Goods at #36, a Midcap stock. Central Garden, an earlier list member, represents Consumer Staples at #39.

Bottom 25 Performing Stocks


Significant Changes Since Last Week:

The Bottom 25, not necessarily the type of membership a stock looks for, changed a bit more than the Top 25. There were three stocks that arrived as new members obviously sending three other stocks on their way. Hanger, Inc. arrived at #19 while further down the list we have Acarda Therapeutics and Stage Stores just making the list at #24 and #25, respectively. Interestingly, all of these stocks are Smallcap in terms of capitalization and two of the three are Health Care. Only Stage Stores is outside of Health Care and represents the Consumer Discretionary sector.

The three departures were a bit more diversified representing three different sectors, but all coming from the Smallcap category. Virtusa fell from #20 to #34 on the complete list while Impax moved just off the list to #28. Voxx moved nearly the same giving up #23 for #29.

Energy has the most members which is not surprising given the uncertain nature of smaller, more highly leveraged companies complicated by the movement of raw crude prices. There appears to be a reluctance for crude prices to move closer to $60/bbl. The smaller, newer energy companies would benefit from a higher crude price, but for now they will have to wait or merge with a larger player. Health Care has the next most members, six, increasing by one over last week, followed by Consumer Discretionary at five.

Largecap stocks appear to have remained off the list for the most part with only two members. Smallcap stocks dominate with sixteen.

This week saw more activity than last week in membership changes. As we get closer to Winter it will be interesting to see how year-end adjusting in portfolios impacts the list.