Dorman Products, Inc. (DORM) is a consumer discretionary stock within the automobile and components industry classification. It is a supplier to the parts replacement market for automobiles and trucks. It is a member of the S&P 600 small-cap index. The security became a BUY WATCH stock back in early February and quickly moved into the BUY category by mid-February. The gain has been nearly 10% year-to-date and valuation is now at 99.4% of fair value. With this level of gain the stock has now moved into HOLD territory. It is unusual for a stock to move through the various levels of classification at such a rapid rate, but in this case it was well earned. Sales have increased by 18% with corresponding earnings up 17%. This was accomplished by expanding the high end parts coverage by 30% by 4,850 items to a total of 133,000 products. In a reward to shareholders quarterly dividends were increased.

Dorman Products is a Market classification stock with a C rating in regards to merger related activities.

The company is not exposed to an elevated probability of disruption caused through merger organizational changes.