February Durable Goods Orders increased 5.7% from -3.8%in January

    Durable Goods are those items that last at least three years.


Consumer Confidence declined to 59.7 from 68…. Big drop but mainly on fears of uncertainties in Cyprus


                Nike Inc. reported a third quarter net income increase of 55%, thank you U.S.  Sales.  This prompted the stock to rise to an all time high and year to date return of 13.33%. 
This is a great company.


S&P 500 Index:  increased  +.27%

S&P 500 Index YTD:  + 10.11%

Best Sector:   Health care  +1.59%            

Worst Sector:  Materials -1.74%

Best Stock:   Gilead Sciences +7.03%

Worst Stock:   Cliffs Natural Resources  -10.91%

10-Year Treasury Bond Yield:   declined to 1.84%