Winning isn’t everything….

Competition is healthy, right?  So why is it that our brains sometimes overrule and we miss the small moments that are “winning moments”, because we are so focused on the end result in competing for the top spot?  If you have been involved in a competitive sport this logic may well ring true.  Take hockey, for example.  During a game there are many great plays, great passes and great saves; but in the end, we tend to forget all the great moments if we take a loss.  We forget the risk the players took, for something that may or may not have worked out the way they anticipated or maybe it led to better than expected results, but the loss overshadows it.

Life and investing isn’t always about the win, it’s about the “winning moments” and the “tough as nails moments” that got you to where you are today.  Saving for retirement is full of ups and downs, but in the end it’s a time to reflect on the efforts that finally got you there.  The same rings true for college savings or achieving the goals set in your budget.  You need to focus and enjoy the “winning moments” and learn from each experience.  Focus on what worked and what didn’t, because the good and the bad, and the lessons we learn from it, keep us competitive and keep us moving towards success.

Diane E. Guimond

Wealth Advisor!