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Williams (WMB) On Buy Watch List Consider Buying in Near Future?

Williams Companies (WMB) was a consideration for Buy back in 2014 December. Fairly soon after placing the stock on the Buy consideration list, the stock rallied to within $1.45/share of the all-time high. The stock had enjoyed an earlier climb from the depths of 2009 that was really a continuation of an earlier rise that started in 2002.

Placing it on the Buy consideration list was not one of the most stellar considerations ever made in the past 15 years because the stock entered a free fall at the start of 2016. It is now within range of the low of 2009.

The stock is considered Aspirational so it is not a stock that should be considered if stability is of importance. If a rough ride is acceptable, the stock maybe receiving a Buy consideration in the near future. Hopefully, it will pick up where it left off from the 2002 climb.

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